It's a time-management tool for computers. Work and rest, with wnr now.

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* Using Electron to develop, wnr's file size is a little bit big. Don't be shocked.

# Minimalistic & Elegant

Follows the minimalistic design style to make it simple but strong.

Supports retina screens and touchscreens. Works fine with dark mode.

minimalist design

# Fullscreen Focus

Always fails using a time management software? Try our fullscreen focus mode.

fullscreen focus mode

# Precise & Humanized

Just start timing and that's all. Just wait to be notified when the timer is over.

Any unfinished timer would be automatically resumed when you reopened wnr.


# Predefined Tasks

Want to use wnr in a popular flow like the Pomodoro? Use the predefined tasks.

predefined tasks

# Even More

Semantic time input

Multi-screen support

Multi-virtual-desktops support

Portable version for Windows users

Lock mode


# Download Now

Download wnr

Works with Windows 7+, macOS 10.8+.