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Work/Rest Timer. Stricter. Prettier. More features. Win/Mac/Linux.

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Stricter Timing

Always fails using a time management software? Try our fullscreen focus mode, which provides the mandatory rest function, so that you will no longer skip every rest period. The fullscreen focus mode also blocks every virtual desktop and every monitor.

Moreover, you can choose to disable cancelling, skipping or stopping or even enable parent control to make it even stronger.

Also, wnr will also remind you every 10 minutes when you are not using wnr.

More features.

I always believe that users deserve more customizable experience, which is the reason that wnr has the (maybe) most abundant settings options and small functions.

Believe it, wnr will be your beloved timing software.

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Well Recommended.

 User recommendations:
  • "It's easy to use and the dark mode is brilliant."
  • "It's really neat, thank you!"
  • "I've been using wnr for some time and it has been great! Thanks!"
  • "Great software that relieved my neck and shoulder pain."
  • "It is the best pomodoro app that I've ever found! I will recommend your app to my colleagues."

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Safe Download Links

GitHub Release | Softpedia (Windows)
Lanzou cloud-disk (Chinese) | Baidu Net-disk (Chinese, Access key: swh3)

If your browser notifies you that "this type of file can harm your computer", please simply ignore it and select keep. The situation is here because we cannot afford to buy a signing certificate which costs hundreds of dollars. This software is clean and safe, I promise.

If you have Windows Defender Smartscreen turned on, you may need to click more info and then still allow to run it. Also because the cirtificate.

If you have Windows Defender Smartscreen turned on, you may need to click run anyway. Also because the certificate.

If you are using Windows 7 and the application isn't working properly, please apply for the "Vista Compatibility Mode".

Please note that the macOS version is unsigned also because that I am not rich enough to buy a certificate, so you may need to follow this guide in order to use. If you are using macOS 12 (Ventura), it is reported that terminal script xattr -cr /Applications/wnr.app is also needed.