It's a time-management tool for computers. Work and rest, with wnr now.

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* Using Electron to develop.

# Minimalistic & Elegant

Follows the minimalistic design style to make it simple but strong.

Supports retina screens and touchscreens. Works fine with dark mode.

minimalist design

# Fullscreen Focus

Always fails using a time management software? Try our fullscreen focus mode.

It seems that there haven't been an app that is as strong as wnr, when it comes to controlling your time.

Rest when you should rest, work when you should work.

fullscreen focus mode

# Precise & Humanized

Just start timing and that's all. Just wait to be notified when the timer is over.

Any unfinished timer would be automatically resumed when you reopened wnr.

A floating window is available here, too.


# Predefined Tasks

Want to use wnr in a popular flow like the Pomodoro? Use the predefined tasks.

predefined tasks

# Even More

Semantic time input

Multi-screen support

Multi-virtual-desktops support

Portable version for Windows users

Lock mode


"It's easy to use and the dark mode is brilliant."

"It's really neat, thank you!"

"I've been using wnr for some time and it has been great! Thanks!"

"Great software that relieved my neck and shoulder pain."

"Best pomodoro app found. Will recommend your app to my colleagues."

* Some of them are translated from Chinese feedback.

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# Download Now

Download wnr

Works with Windows 7+, macOS 10.8+.